42: Models in Tech’s Olya Ishchukova Talks Fashion Tech, Model Behavior & Where to Invest in Your Next Photoshoot


Okay, think fast: when someone says the word “model,” what’s the first thing that pops into your head? Now be honest. It probably wasn’t: super smart, business-savvy and not-to-be-trifled with. Whatever it was your brain dug up, prepare to think differently about models and also about the business of modeling for startups and emerging businesses. Today I’m sharing my chat with Olya Ishchukova, the founder and CEO of Models in Tech, a San Francisco company – and startup in its own right – whose point of differentiation is models with more than just good looks. Olya’s company caters to businesses who need, yes, attractive people, but also for those attractive people to be intelligent, well-spoken and tech-savvy during trade shows and events, product shoots and on-camera gigs. A natural-born networker who thought she’d go into public relations after she moved to California from her native Russia, Olya has built a biz special niche combining fashion, style and technology. She’s also a fashion blogger and head of U.S. events for the London-based organization FashTech. With our mutual fashtech obsession as the backdrop, we dive into how she got started and what you need to know when your business needs models to make its products and services pop.

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Listen to Olya’s story and get inspired by her serious hustle and positive approach to starting out post-college in a new country and building a cool, incredible life from there. As for take-aways, she’s full of great advice about working with models and where to invest your funds when you’re planning your next photo shoot.


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