41: PR Couture’s Crosby Noricks on Fashion PR & Taking Your Side-Hustle Full-Time In Style

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Fashion PR expert and O.G. fashion blogger-turned-digital entrepreneur Crosby Noricks is my guest on today’s show, and we had so much to talk about that this episode turned out to be the podcast’s longest ever to date. Founder of fashion public relations hub PR Couture, Crosby has as much to say about the journey from steady, reliable career to solo business building as she does navigating public relations options when you’re a new, hungry fashion brand. After leaving a comfortable job in public relations to make her side hustle into a viable business, Crosby quickly established herself as the head honcho of the go-to site for fashion PR pros seeking up-to-date media lists, job opportunities and career content. Along the way, she’s tried a number of different online business models, including ebooks and virtual workshops. Open up the podcast to hear what’s working well for her today – and what emerging fashion brands should know as they consider bringing PR help into their arsenal of tools for success.

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Listen to Crosby’s story the graceful way she left a full time job to make her side project a major reality, fashion PR tips and strategies to keep in mind as you build your business and some things to ponder before tapping a professional to tackle your press outreach.


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