39: From Men’s Skivvies to New York Style Startup with PreeLine’s Julia Macalaster

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Life doesn’t always meander along the way you’d planned – in fact, it rarely does. Sometimes, you think you’re starting a company, but then that leads you to a job, which leads to another job, which eventually leads you to start another company. But I’ll let today’s guest tell you about that. On this episode, I chat with Julia Macalaster, co-founder and COO of PreeLine, a New York fashion startup that’s a social platform for style fans with a predictive analytics engine underneath. Now in the early stages of her startup adventure, Julia talks about what prepared her to leave a comfortable career path for startupland and what’s worked well for her small team as they’ve built the first iterations of their platform. She also hammers home the importance of connecting with other entrepreneurs when you’re in the thick of building your business.

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Listen to Julia’s story for one young entrepreneur’s journey from Princeton to consulting to New York City’s tech landscape, where she’s currently building her own company while trying to foster fashion tech education through initiatives like the virtual accelerator her company launched last fall.


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