38: From Launch to Acquisition in 8 Months with Dotfully’s Lily Xu


Change, transition, beginnings and endings: all things many of us are thinking about at this time of year – and they’re especially front and center for me at the start of 2016, thanks to a cross-country move with my family. Because of that, it’s the perfect time to share my conversation with Lily Xu, co-founder of Dotfully, a San Francisco beauty startup that went from launch to acquisition in eight short months. For a young entrepreneur and an early stage company, acquisition can mean many things – but most of all, it means things change and your business enters a new phase. In this episode, Lily paints a picture of acquisition that’s a little different from those you may have heard at networking events and splashed across tech blogs and news feeds. And luckily for us, Lily is generous with her honesty – she tells it like it is. And I’m so glad she went there for this show. After all, these episodes are here to inspire and motivate you, but they’re also here to give you access to information you might not get from mainstream media or at an industry panel discussion (gotta love podcasts for bringing the realness).

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Listen to Lily’s story for one young entrepreneur’s journey from startup to acquisition, how she met her co-founder by chance in a coffee shop, what selling her business meant for the company’s future and the thoughts that kept her mentally balanced even in the midst of startup stress. Plus, a few things Lily and I have in common and her greatest fear (it’s one you’d never guess from listening to the show)!


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