36: Balancing Creativity, Motherhood & Fashion Startup Growth with Kayu’s Jamie Lim


If you’ve had dreams of turning a creative business into a company with a team and distribution partnerships with companies like Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s, well, you’re going to want to hear from Jamie Lim, founder & CEO of Kayu Design. Proving sustainable style and ethical fashion can work hand-in-hand with mainstream retailers, this San Francisco-born source for handmade handbags and accessories strives to keep traditional hand craftwork alive while sticking to a breezy, yet modern aesthetic that’s ready for your next tropical trip.

I’m sharing my conversation with Jamie, a writer and creative soul whose path I’ve followed since my indie fashion blogging days, at an especially poignant time for me on a personal level. This episode airs the week I’m moving away from my longtime (15+ years) hometown of San Francisco and onto a new adventure in Charlottesville, VA. I thought it was more than appropriate to bring her voice to your ears on a week I’m thinking about beginnings and endings, as hers is a company I’ve known about since pretty much the earliest seeds of what eventually became Spirit of 608.

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Listen to the show for Jamie’s story, her thoughts on entrepreneurship and motherhood, as well as her calm-cool-collected and quietly outside-the-box way of building a thriving indie accessories brand with serious heart.


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