35: Edgy Ecommerce as Retail Activism with Helpsy Founder Rachel Kibbe


If you’ll gladly take your sustainable style with a side of edge and a scoop of IDGAF, then Helpsy founder Rachel Kibbe is your girl. The thing is, she totally does GAF, but she does activism with a keen eye towards the kinds of things fashion people, hip millennials and digitally-savvy urbanites tend to love. Think Bea Arthur sweatshirts, Woolings eco-friendly wool sneakers and vegan leather bunny bags – all of which are for sale on the web shop she launched after discovering that the eco fashion she wanted to write about and promote most wasn’t getting enough mainstream media play.

But instead of trying to appeal to the masses, Rachel’s built what she saw missing from the eco fashion mix: a source where style is still tongue-in-cheek, fun and oh-so-far beyond boring.

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Listen to the show for Rachel’s story, how she stays true to her unique style perspective while building a brand, her take-no-prisoners approach to her Instagram feed and her thoughts on being an activist in the guise of a fashion gurl.


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