34: Turning a Family Project into Global Impact with Stacey Horowitz of Shopping for a Change

Today’s conversation perfectly illustrates how family, values, self-discovery and the search for personal fulfillment can lead to ventures that go so much farther than one’s own self. My guest is Stacey Horowitz, founder and executive director of Shopping For A Change, a non-profit and largely volunteer-run online marketplace she began building after her son’s school projects on philanthropy left her seeking more – and a way to make a wider impact. Her story inspired me – as I hope it will you – not only because of the work she’s doing to connect artisans around the world with meaningful, profitable work, but also because she’s not your typical entrepreneur, at least not according to Silicon Valley standards and today’s mainstream media.

If you get anything out of today’s show, let it be a reminder that passion and purpose count for more than almost anything else. Also, age is just a number – a reminder I think many of us (myself included!) need in today’s whirlwind of 30 under 30 lists.

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Listen to the show for Stacey’s story and how she expanded a family project into a global effort to connect consumers with ethically made products and a more meaningful online shopping experience.


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