32: Rent The Runway Foundation’s Beth Janson on Applying to Project Entrepreneur – Deadline Jan. 8


Today’s guest is here for an episode that’s more about your future than her past. In the show, my guest Beth Janson talks about her work as the founding director of the Rent the Runway Foundation and its first major initiative, Project Entrepreneur. And while we do dig into her career and journey from the Tribeca Film Institute to where she is today, Beth came on the show primarily to offer the inside scoop on Project Entrepreneur’s Accelerator Competition – this is a must-listen if you’re interested in applying to win a spot in the program and $10,000 to get to the next level. The deadline’s right around the corner on January 8, 2016.

Along with background on the initiative and how it fits into the overall Rent the Runway mission, Beth gives listeners valuable tips to keep in mind when you’re applying to this – or really any – highly competitive business accelerator. Along with three top teams that will be selected as winners, 200 women will be chosen to attend a special Project Entrepreneur weekend hosted by Rent the Runway in New York this spring. Let’s get some FEST-ive ladies in that bunch. Make it happen!


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Listen to the show for a taste of Beth’s story, a crash course on Project Entrepreneur and learn what you need to know before you apply.


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