28: Sustainable Fashion, Social Justice & a Media POV with Journalist Lisa Hix


A longtime journalist with a deep understanding of sustainable fashion is today’s guest. There are very few journalists who write in-depth about the impact of clothing on the world, and Lisa Hix is one of them. As the Associate Editor of Collectors Weekly – a digital publication all about the stories behind the stuff people fall in love with and collect – Lisa writes about many different subject areas, but her careful research into fashion history, vintage apparel and the fashion cycle from production to post-wear illuminates issues that don’t get enough attention. Along with having keen insight on the life of clothing, Lisa is the first of several media experts we’ll be talking to in the coming weeks and months. As more and more fashion entrepreneurs and women business owners ask me questions about the media, how it works and what strategy to pursue to get the coverage they want (and often deserve), I want listeners to hear from the people on the other side.

While this show isn’t a how-to on the media, the first step I always recommend new business owners take as they begin to plan media strategy is simply trying to understand who they’re reaching out to. The conversation with Lisa will give you a look into one writer’s world and, I hope, answer some questions you may have had about writers you’ve reached out to. For example, when you hear Lisa say she spent weeks compiling an 8,000-word story for Collectors Weekly, I’m hoping it starts to make more sense that it’s common for reporters to only return emails when they absolutely need to.

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Listen to the show for Lisa’s story, her journey from Oklahoma to San Francisco and her years covering American culture, music, fashion and even cars from a long list of publications, including the San Francisco Chronicle, Glamor, Elle Girl, Flavorpill, Yahoo! and many others.


Collectors Weekly: www.collectorsweekly.com


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CollectorsWeekly

Twitter: @collectorswkly and @lisahix

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