27: Are You Building a Business or a Hobby with Nishika de Rosairo, Founder & CEO dE ROSAIRO?

Nishika de Rosairo

Like many guests I’ve interviewed, Nishika de Rosairo is forging ahead with a new kind of fashion label and an underlying mission to make women’s lives better through the clothing she’s designing and producing in San Francisco and New York. But the founder and CEO of dE ROSAIRO brings a background to the conversation about fashion and entrepreneurship that’s unlike any I’ve had on the show before. With a deep well of experience consulting for Fortune 500 companies, advising startup entrepreneurs and fostering mentorships, Nishika is able to quickly focus in on the operational without abandoning the creative.

She’s also got a global perspective, thanks to an upbringing that spanned four continents.

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Listen to the show for Nishika’s story, her journey from Zambia to Sri Lanka to New Zealand and onto the Bay Area, as well as her advice for early-stage entrepreneurs hoping to build a fashion business.



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