26: How Fashion Blogger & Entrepreneur Kat Ensign is Building a Digitally Diversified, Ultra Creative Fashion Career

EP-26-KatEnsign-SquareFashion blogger-turned-retail entrepreneur Kat Ensign is today’s guest. The San Francisco blogger behind KatWalkSF, Kat has a fun-loving, happily edgy approach that filters through  Les Mechantes, the ecommerce shop and retail store she and co-founders Ashley and Delores launched just over a year ago. But don’t let her ready laugh and up-for-anything demeanor fool you: Kat’s not joking around when it comes to building her ecommerce site, getting into Paris Fashion Week shows or growing her fan base on Poshmark (she’s now over the 200K fan mark on that platform alone).

Hear her take on Google Adwords vs. Facebook ads, why she chose Shopify for ecommerce, her decision to incorporate sustainability into her company’s approach to style and how she supplements her retail and online businesses with consignment via Poshmark’s mobile app.

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Listen to the show for Kat’s story, her decision to move from corporate fashion to blogging to online entrepreneurship and why a physical retail space was a part of that plan.


Les Mechantes: www.lesmechantes.com


Twitter: https://twitter.com/LesMechantesSF

Instagram: https://instagram.com/les_mechantes/

Paris for Fashion Week


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