24: How Poshmark Power Seller Alexandra Marquez Grew 500K Fans & A Full-Fledged Fashion Business

alexandra marquez

Can you really make a living re-selling clothing through a mobile app? You can if you have 500,000 followers on Poshmark and treat your shopping adventures and virtual closet like a digitally-savvy retail business. Today we meet Alexandra Marquez, also known as @alvictoria. She’s a Poshmark Power Seller (a.k.a. power posher) who makes thousands of dollars each month using the fashion resale app featured in EP 18 with co-founder Tracy Sun. While I usually interview CEOs, startup founders, entrepreneurs and women who’ve built or are in the midst of building fashion brands, my chat with Alexandra marks the first time I’ve devoted an episode to diving deep into the details of a single platform.

The show goes live the week before Poshfest 2015, a two-day event drawing hundred of Poshmark users to San Francisco to hang out together, have fun and learn more about building successful businesses on the app.

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Listen to the show for Alexandra’s story, the details of how she runs her virtual resale business, how much she makes each month, advice she has for new power poshers-in-training and what gets her up in the middle of the night to check her phone.


Poshmark: poshmark.com/closet/alvictoria

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Poshmark/

Twitter: @alvictoria

Pinterest: @alvictoria

Poshfest: San Francisco, Nov 6-7, 2015

T-shirt motto: Work hard and be nice to people.

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