23: From Biotech to Fashion & Beyond with Camilla Olson, Serial Entrepreneur and Women’s Empowerment Advocate

Camilla Olson

From science to venture capital to serial entrepreneurship to eco fashion and now, contemporary apparel as a tool for women’s empowerment in the workplace, Camilla Olson, founder & CEO of Camilla Olson, has done a lot of things – very few of them have followed a traditional path.  In today’s show, we get into Camilla’s unusual path into entrepreneurship, how she became a fashion designer quite by accident and talk about her recent run-in with Hilary Clinton, as well as her fashion successes (showing at New York Fashion Week and dressing James Franco’s mom for the Academy Awards, among them) and where she’s headed next.

In the intro, I talk about Camilla’s big news: after running her fashion business for years, she recently announced a major pivot that includes an ecommerce shop carrying multiple brands of work-appropriate apparel and a partnership to create women’s confidence and empowerment programs held in corporate environments.

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Last but not least, know that at as the show goes live, almost everything at CamillaOlson.com is on sale – like in a major way. If you want to shop before she rolls her current site into her next venture, now’s the time.


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