15 Pro Tips for Pitching the Media, Getting More Press Coverage + Increasing Visibility This Fall

If you’re a FEST founder – or really any kind of ethical business owner – hoping to amp up your media outreach and gain visibility during this year’s super important Fall retail and shopping season, you are absolutely going to need to send email pitches to members of the media, journalists, bloggers, podcast hosts and content creators.
And now – not mid-September – is the time to start. With so many requests from PressDope members, FEST founders and Spirit of 608 podcast listeners coming in in recent weeks asking about Fall media outreach strategy and how to get more Back-to-School and holiday press coverage, it was the perfect time to create a show to help hone your pitch strategy.
In this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I’m knocking out 15 pro tips you can use anytime you pitch the media – or send a cold email of any kind to help grow your business. They’re pulled directly from our soon-to-be-released new and improved complete PressDope Pitch Package with 20+ email pitch guides written for FEST brands to help DIY your PR.
Do you have your own strategies for cold emailing and networking with success? If so, I’d love to hear about them. DM me on Instagram and let me know @spiritof608.
Learn how to make your podcast one sheet great by listening to this week’s solo episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast with Lorraine Sanders. 

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