Glad I Asked: My Questions, Your Answers + Why It Matters

How often do you ask questions? Lately, for me, the answer to that has been a lot more than usual. Yes, as the host of the Spirit of 608 podcast, I’m used to posing questions to the guests who come on the show each week. But as many of you who listen know, I’ve been looking to what the future of the Spirit of 608 will be.

And that’s led me to ask even more questions. I’ve asked those of you who listen to the podcast, the members of the Spirit of 608 Facebook group, random people sitting near me in co-working spaces and, practically every minute of every day, myself.

Why? Where’s the fire, you wonder? We’re up to 140 episodes (more if you count the mini ‘sodes that pop up in the feed from time to time), our first ever Spirit of 608 Audience Benchmark Survey is underway (cough, take it by Sunday night to get in on the prizes we’re slinging because, cough, they’re awesome) and we’re testing a bunch of new ways to grow the show behind the scenes. It’s fun, sure, but it’s also one of those things that could go nowhere without the most important part: input from people who keep coming back and listening week after week. So by now, you get it. Asking questions is important, and we’re all about it right now. But that’s not really what this week’s episode is about. Instead, I’m taking a pause from interviewing guests to tell you what I learned when I stopped what I was doing one day recently and got on the phone with 12 FEST founders from the Spirit of 608 community in less than 24 hours.

Did you hear about the Spirit of 608 Survey on this episode? Take it for your chance at some amazing prizes. 

What you’ll learn

The top things FEST founders tell me they are up against right now as they try to grow their businesses on limited budgets and with small, growing teams. From social media fatigue (seriously, so many of you are o-v-e-r it) to email list longing to the pains of working with consultants, agencies and other B2B providers who don’t get it (it being the whole reason all of us are talking about all of this stuff in the first place).

How you’ll be inspired

I hope the fact that so many people in the Spirit of 608 community quickly turned up to help out and talk to me on the phone (like with real voices) when I asked inspires you. Here’s why it should do just that: so many of you talk about social missions and helping others when you tell others about your businesses. But you also walk the walk. I showed up in the Spirit of 608 Facebook group with a last-minute request on a Tuesday morning, and I was bowled over to get such an immediate response, so many people willing to stop what they were doing and help and so many insightful, honest thoughts and answers. You’re an amazing, solid, strong and resourceful band of founders. Never forget it. Not for one sec.

What you’ll tell your friends

Lorraine might be changing some things over at the Spirit of 608 soon. Yeah, I have no idea what she’s going to do, but if you think you know what she should do, you should email her at And oh yeah, I almost forgot, Sunday night is the last night to take the Spirit of 608 Audience Benchmark Survey and be in the running for the prizes (one of two free strategy sessions with Lorraine or one of three $100 gift cards to use any which way you want).

Resource of the week

Spirit of 608 Facebook Group: During the second half of the show, we dive into news from the Spirit of 608 community – and all of that news came directly from the Facebook group we host for FEST founders. Check it.

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