Power CEO Tina Sharkey on Brandless, Brand Tax + Building Exclusive Products at Inclusive Prices

Can a brand every truly be brand-less? On the show this week, we’re talking to one of the most accomplished female founders out there today about her attempt to build a company that does just that – all while bringing low-cost, yet high-quality food, beauty, household and personal care products into your home. Yes, we’re stepping away from fashion and apparel this week to explore the story behind one of the most talked-about ecommerce startups out there at the moment, one seeking to bring organic food, non-toxic skincare and environmentally-conscious household items from tissues to pens and paper into your life all at $3 a pop. With so many Spirit of 608 listeners currently grappling with a desire to bring ethically-made, high-transparency apparel and accessories to their customers at prices regular people can afford, this chat with a company making major headway in parallel verticals is one full of takeaways and proof that the ideas behind FEST are seeping into the DNA of brand everywhere today.

Meet this week’s guest, Tina Sharkey, CEO of Brandless.

What you’ll learn

Why Brandless is doubling down on community as it digs into the business of building a company that’s about a lot more than $3 product – and how you can apply this approach as you grow your own brand. Plus, you’ll learn why they think they can pull off offering organic, non-GMO, non-toxic and environmentally-sound products at prices that often undercut those you’ll find on grocery store shelves.

How you’ll be inspired

For working moms in the audience, it will be easy to find inspiration from Tina. Not only did her own working mom show her how to take a seat at the proverbial table, but her own approach to parenting (no “kids table” allowed) is one example of how a mom with a career outside the home can succeed at both.

What you’ll tell your friends

Have you heard about this thing called brand tax? According to Brandless, the prices we usually pay for our goods at department or grocery stores are unnecessarily jacked up thanks to numerous distributors and manufacturing companies in the mix. But what happens if you could remove all of these different companies and get to price your goods just for the product itself? Well, you might end up getting things like high-quality organic olive oil for $3.

Resource of the week

Siri: Yes, you can use Siri to be productive! She’s not just some bot that churns out amusing answers to random questions. Tina uses Siri for dictation, enabling her to jot down quick thoughts and multitask more efficiently.

Connect with Tina Sharkey

Website: brandless.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrandlessLife/

Instagram: @brandlesslife

Twitter: @brandlesslife

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