128: 10 Real Lessons from a Year of FEST-ive Entrepreneurship

What does a year talking to FEST founders, creating a media startup and heading in an entirely new direction from your previous professional day-to-day teach you? A lot. For the final Spirit of 608 podcast episode of the year, I’m sharing a solo episode with 10 takeaways I wrote down in recent weeks that sum up what I’ve learned in 2017. These aren’t your typical lifehacks. Because life is messy and strange and full of hard decisions, especially when you’re trying to build your own thing. And there’s a lot of beauty in that – all that mess, I wouldn’t change it for the world. Instead of tips for tools and tricks you can use to amp up your business, what I’m sharing in this show are the grittier takeaways that so may of us as entrepreneurs know all too well. I’m hoping that telling you what 2017 has been like for me will make it your path forward a better one.

What you’ll learn

Why I’m the last person who’ll tell you to follow conventional wisdom when it comes to building your FEST brand in 2018. You’ll also learn my system for tackling tasks when it feels like too much is on my plate.

How you’ll be inspired

If you take anything away from this episode, I hope you’ll rest assured that you’re not alone when you’re unsure of where to head next or how to accomplish what you’re trying to achieve. Every entrepreneur feels that way – and if they tell you they don’t, they’re lying.

What you’ll tell your friends

Hey, have you thought about how and when you do your best work? In 2018, the key to running a better business may be reorganizing your workflow to take advantage of the times and scenarios in which you can do your best, most productive work.

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