127: Live Media Strategy Session with Althea Simons of Grammar

Where do you go next after getting great press? Getting solid coverage in national media outlets – in the case of this week’s guest, we’re talking WWD and Fashionista – is difficult for a new, independent brand to do. It’s all the more impressive if you nabbed that coverage during your crowdfunding phase, which is one of the hardest times for an early stage business to convince journalists and fashion writers to publish a story. But say you pulled that off. What then? How can you sustain the momentum and continue to get media attention – all as a solo FEST founder on a startup budget?

Meet this week’s guest, Althea Simons, founder of Grammar.

What you’ll learn

Niching down with laser-like focus on a single product category might feel limiting to a designer bursting with ideas, but Grammar’s Althea says that strategy is the secret sauce for her new company, whose capsule collection of 100% organic cotton NYC-made white dress shirts reinvents a classic wardrobe stable with updated silhouettes.

How you’ll be inspired

Althea looks at limitations not as an obstacle or an enemy in her business, but more like a friend. Learn how she rises above the challenges of being an entrepreneur by turning constraints into advantages.

What you’ll tell your friends

Did you hear about the FEST founder who landed her new brand coverage in Women’s Wear Daily and Fashionista before she even had product available to the public? That’s almost unheard of. But here’s how she did it.

Resource of the week

Asana: Althea highly recommends goal-setting and this productivity tool helps her make sure she attains them.

Connect with Althea Simons

Website: grammarnyc.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/grammarnyc

Twitter: @altheasimons  /  @grammarnyc

Instagram: @grammarnyc

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