125: Three Different Looks at Fashion Entrepreneurs Fighting Human Trafficking & Modern Day Slavery

Can entrepreneurship and the business of fashion make headway in the complex web of injustice fueling the global engines of human trafficking and modern day slavery – a dark and dangerous industry thought to generate some $150 billion a year?

In a special episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, we’re approaching what is hands-down one of the most complicated and hard-to-understand criminal problems facing the modern world through a very tight lens, one focused squarely on fashion entrepreneurs who’ve dedicated their businesses to making a difference for people affected by these issues.

This week, the Spirit of 608 looks at fashion entrepreneurs fighting human trafficking and modern day slavery. 

What you’ll learn

The issue of human trafficking is a lot more complicated than what’s seen on the surface. Learn what underlying factors the fashion industry has to deal with regarding this issue, as seen through the eyes and experiences of these founders.

How you’ll be inspired

Find out how the love of fashion connects to the love of women and the love of self – and a deep-seeded desire to work to end human trafficking and modern day slavery. These women share the paths that led them to fight for their causes.

What you’ll tell your friends

How does one profit from a non-profit? Check out how these founders balance the charitable aspect of their companies with their growing businesses.


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