124: Melissa Gonzalez of Lionesque Group on Parting Ways with Her Past Career to Become Pop-Up Retail’s Leading Lady

Nearly a decade after bursting onto the scene as retail’s latest innovation, pop-up shops have become the standard way for fashion brands and independent businesses to test new markets, new products and product-market fit. Not surprisingly, pop-up shops have gotten increasingly complex as household name brands roll funds into temporary retail experiences that set the bar higher and higher. With that in mind, it’s no wonder FEST founders today are constantly asking about the value of investing time and budget into pop-up retail. It’s even more front of mind where we are right now in the midst of many a retail brand’s most important financial months of the year. If you’ve been wondering about pop-up retail and whether it’s the right time to consider opening up a temporary shop for your brand, you’re going to jump for joy at the insight and knowledge from this week’s episode with a special guest who may very well know more about how pop-up retail and the business of fashion intersect than anyone else out there today.

Meet this week’s guest, Melissa Gonzalez, founder & CEO of Lionesque Group.

What you’ll learn

Why Melissa, whose expertise in this arena runs deep, aims to make every pop-up she partners up on an immersive experience – and why that matters more than ever as digital first brands continue to experiment with the best ways to harness the power of in-person retail.

How you’ll be inspired

Many of us *think* we know exactly what we’re going to do with our lives. But all too often, new opportunities appear that lead us down different – and infinitely better – paths. The thing is, it can be ultra hard to know when a new opportunity is just a distraction or whether it’s the best way forward towards the life you truly want to live. Learn how Melissa rode out the changes in her life and why she shifted from pursuing a career in entertainment and media to become an entrepreneur known as an expert in a cutting edge area of retail.

What you’ll tell your friends

Remember when you were hemming and hawing about whether a pop up store is a good fit for your brand? You’ll be repeating how Melissa gauges whether a business is ready for brick and mortar or if staying online only is likely to yield the best possible outcome.

Resource of the week

Good ol’ Google: yes, it seems like there are a million new apps and tools out there each and every day, but sometimes the tried-and-true needs a shout. Melissa’s team runs on some online staples that include Google Drive, Basecamp and Dropbox. It goes to show, maybe you don’t need to dig too deep to find the right productivity tools for your company!


Connect with Melissa Gonzalez & Lionesque Group

Website: lionesquegroup.com

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Instagram: @lionesquegroup

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lionesquegroup/

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