122: Digital Marketing 101 for FEST Brands with Jay Stampfl of Blackbird PPC

Befuddled by Facebook ads? Scared of SEO? Listen in for a special episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast featuring a digital marketing expert who’s worked with some of the most FEST-ive brands around, including Cuyana, The RealReal and Sephora. With so many independent brands and fashion startups relying on paid and sponsored content to get the word out about their products today, many founders know they need to invest in digital marketing as part of their strategy forward. But at the same time, best practices and what’s possible in digital marketing are changing at a rapid clip. So what’s a time-strapped woman in business to do? Get some down-to-earth advice from an expert who’s working with companies that have grown to just where so many of the listeners of this show hope to be soon.

Meet this week’s guest, Jay Stampfl, Founder of Blackbird PPC.

What you’ll learn

How to get started on your digital marketing campaign: Jay shares some of the most basic and fundamental tips for startup companies – quite a few that are free and easy to start implementing today.

How you’ll be inspired

While DIY digital marketing – whether you’re talking your SEO strategy as a startup or Facebook lookalike audiences – may at first feel like a daunting beast you’ve got to wrestle to the ground, Jay makes it clear that there’s plenty you can do quickly – often for free – to markedly improve your brand’s prospects.

What you’ll tell your friends

Have you ever wondered why there are suddenly a hundred ads that pop up on your Facebook feed showing you this awesome new product, even though you probably haven’t searched for anything related to the products in those ads? Jay Stampfl explains how platforms like Facebook seem to know exactly what you’re looking for all the time – and how that might just ruin a birthday or holiday gift surprise.

Resource of the week

The Pomodoro Technique: Jay uses this really simple technique in helping him accomplish his to-do lists. It’s 25 minutes of your time dedicated to a single task, and that’s it. Take a break afterwards, do what you want, and then resume for 25 minutes.  If you feel like you can’t do this on your own, don’t worry. Of course, there’s an app for that!


Connect with Jay Stampfl

Website: blackbirdppc.com

Twitter: @jaystampfl

Linkedin: https://my.linkedin.com/company/blackbird-ppc

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