121: Live Media Strategy Session with Sharmon Lebby of Ethical Fashion Brand Blessed Designs

Have you been thinking about your media strategy in the busy weeks leading up to the holiday season? On this week’s episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, we hear from a FEST founder whose burgeoning brand is about to launch product after a successful crowdfunding campaign. What next steps should she take and how can she manage doing her own small business public relations and media outreach while holding down a full-time job in a scientific field? We’ll get into that – and a lot more – when we talk to a Texas-based female entrepreneur with a bold mission to make cozy, casual clothes for women using ethically-sourced materials.

Meet this week’s guest, Sharmon Lebby, Founder of Blessed Designs.

What you’ll learn

Sharmon only has 3 hours a week to spare for media coverage. That might be just right for some, and too little for others. What’s the best way to maximize 3 hours for your company’s media outreach? Lorraine gives Sharmon some tips and tricks.

How you’ll be inspired

How important is the you in your brand? Sure, we want to sound professional when addressing our audience, but at the very heart of the company is you. Lorraine talks about how crucial the “you” is in bringing out the personality of a brand.

What you’ll tell your friends

On first glance, you might think of Blessed Designs having spiritual origins, that perhaps Sharmon was so connected to her faith that it influenced her decisions in business. That’s not exactly where “Blessed” came from, however. Check out Sharmon’s witty and hilarious backstory for Blessed Designs.

Resource of the week

Snapseed: With a background in photography, Sharmon swears by this tool as a photo editing app. She says she’s tried them all and Snapseed is her number one choice!


Connect with Sharmon Lebby

Website: blesseddesignsco.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/blesseddesignsco/

Instagram: @blesseddesignsco

Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/salebby/that-sustainable-life/

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