120: Investing in the Next Billion Dollar Female-Led Businesses with XFactor Partner Aubrie Pagano of Bow & Drape

Billion dollar businesses, anyone? That’s what this week’s guest and a cohort of female entrepreneurs are on the lookout for as part of a new microfund aiming to seed promising startups with at least one female co-founder.

Meet this week’s guest, Aubrie Pagano Founder of Bow & Drape and Investment Partner at XFactor Ventures.

Wait, wait, before you shrug it off like, oh, no, that’s not me, midway through my conversation Aubrie, you need to hear how she demonstrates a way to think small about a business and a new, improved way to think big about the very same business. Whatever the size of your company, Aubrie brings a perspective that not only highlights how entrepreneurial paths shift, change and evolve in the most surprising ways, but also points to a future where more women-led businesses have a chance to thrive.

What you’ll learn

Hear an investor looking to help fund the next billion dollar female-led businesses on exactly what she looks for in new companies. Plus, Aubrie lets us in on her tips for any founder planning to approach venture capital firms or individual investors in the future. From networking your way to the right people to bringing solid stats to the table, her advice will make you want to take notes.

How you’ll be inspired

While so many startup founders today think they’ve got to secure venture capital, choosing that route for outside funding is not for everyone – nor is it right for every company (which, btw, is not necessarily a bad thing). Hear Aubrie share how to determine where your business fits in.

What you’ll tell your friends

Have you heard about Aubrie Pagano? She’s kind of a unicorn: one of a handful of female investors in venture capital who’s built her own company while still having fun and turning out ridiculously good puns. Also, don’t forget to rock out with you guac out. Just sayin’.

Resource of the week

Captio: Every entrepreneur has a hundred thoughts running through their minds every minute. Captio helps you keep track of everything by letting you send quick notes to yourself, without the need to scramble for paper and pen.


Connect with Aubrie Pagano

Website: bowanddrape.com  /  xfactor.ventures

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BowAndDrape

Twitter: @bowanddrape  /  @XFactorVentures

Instagram: @bowanddrape

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