118: Creating A Cutting Edge Career with Futurist and Biodesigner Natsai Audrey Chieza of Faber Futures

The fashion trend of the future? Microbes. That’s if our latest featured guest has anything to say about it. In today’s conversation, you’ll hear from a multidisciplinary designer whose unconventional path has landed her at the intersection of fashion, sustainability and science in the most fascinating way.

Meet this week’s guest, Natsai Audrey Chieza, Founder of Faber Futures

A graduate of the forward-looking program in material futures at Central Saint Martins in London, Natsai is currently a designer-in-residence at Boston-based Ginkgo Bioworks. Her work using micro-organisms to devise new, more environmentally-friendly and efficient ways to dye textiles alongside scientists points to the collaborative future of fashion and brings hope to the notion that someday, apparel will leave a lighter foot print on the world without sacrificing style.

What you’ll learn

Did you know that it’s actually possible for bacteria to dye a textile? Learn about the next step in the ladder of possibilities for the future of fashion production and design as Natsai introduces us to concept of incorporating living systems into textile production.

How you’ll be inspired

Sometimes, outsider status and not being an expert is the very thing that gives you an edge and allows you to think differently. Natsai talks about how her non-designer and non-scientist status actually helps her see different ways to solve problems during her work and in her residency as Ginkgo Bioworks.

What you’ll tell your friends

While it sounds like it’s straight out of science fiction, there are actually academic courses for biodesign. Intrigued? Check out Natsai’s educational background for a road map detailing one way to break into this cutting-edge field.

Resource of the week

Little Black Book by Otegha Uwagba. From negotiating a pay raise to how to network effectively, this useful book is made specifically for the modern-day working woman.

Connect with Natsai Chieza

Website: faberfutures.com

Instagram: @faberfutures

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