115: Knowing Your Why and Wholesale’s Past, Present + Future with Brandboom’s Amy Zhou


Wholesale can feel like a gamble for emerging, independent and startup brands today. With all the talk of direct-to-consumer companies capturing the hearts of fashion fans, how’s a FEST founder to decide whether to pursue the old-school route (one that incidentally, is crucial to many successful brands’ bottom lines)?

To get to the bottom of the wholesale vs. direct debate, we needed an expert with a 360-degree window into wholesale’s role in today fashion and apparel landscape – and what changes we can expect ahead. Good thing for us, we found a badass entrepreneur who helps brands grow through wholesale today and hails from roles at influential fash tech successes such as TechStyle and Rent the Runway.

Meet this week’s guest, Amy Zhou, COO of Brandboom.

What you’ll learn

How a new type of consumer is changing the game and turning the spotlight towards independent designs and brands, over larger and more established enterprises.

How you’ll be inspired

How your “why” is the driving force behind every decision you’ll make in your business, from the type of pictures you’ll be taking to the type of stores you want to be associated with.

What you’ll tell your friends

It could be the best time ever for an independent fashion brand or fashion startup to get into the wholesale business. Amy Zhou talks about the ways new technology and shifting brand-to-consumer practices are making wholesale an attractive choice.

Resource of the week

Yourself. No joke. Learn how Amy Zhou turned herself into the sharpest tool in her shed.

Connect with Amy Zhou

Website: brandboom.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/brandboom/

Twitter: @brandboom

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