114: How A Bad Night, No Experience & Getting Fired Were Everything Packed Party’s Jordan Jones Needed to Succeed


For a lesson in taking risks, going with your gut, standing by your vision and how to turn a very bad, no good bummer of a day into the biggest aha moment of your young life, pull out your earbuds and settle in for a conversation that will make you laugh – and get you inspired to do work on even the most challenging days.

Meet this week’s guest, Jordan Jones, Founder of Packed Party.

In this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, twenty-something founder Jordan tells us how one of her earliest media moments (um, which I, cough, wrote) ended up getting her fired from her job – and why that turned out to be the best thing that could have happened (even though it hardly felt like that at the time). After starting her company in a tiny San Francisco apartment during a phase of her life when she felt lonely in a new town and frustrated with a blah job, Jordan has grown her lifestyle gifting brand into one that counts famous fans such as Reese Witherspoon and stockists that include Nordstrom, Paper Source and Neiman Marcus.

What you’ll learn

Sometimes, you don’t need much for that eye-catching Instagram spread. Learn how Packed Party’s Instagram account has grown legions of fans with few frills and a whole lot of planning.

How you’ll be inspired

The worst night of your life could be just the thing to kick off the breakthrough you need. Check out how Jordan Jones turned “the crappiest night of her life” into the next phase of her booming career.

What you’ll tell your friends

There’s absolutely no shame in starting out of your bedroom, on your living room floor or in your parents’ garage. Jordan Jones talks about Packed Party’s humble beginnings and their journey from one-woman show to a sought-after brand you’ll spot in Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and others.

Resource of the week

Headspace: If you need a mental break to stay on point, you’re going to want to hear how Jordan Jones uses this app to keep her busy mind in check.

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The San Francisco Chronicle story that got Jordan fired



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