112: Understanding the Media with Journalist & Ethical Fashion Champion Whitney Bauck of Fashionista.com

Collaborating with media – whether through “earned” press coverage or paid sponsorships and advertisements – is crucial to brand-building today. I’m hellbent on helping FEST brands do that well. One thing that’s key to building great relationships with the media: really understanding who you’re talking to when you reach out. For this week’s show, the last regular episode before our summer hiatus, we’ll be hearing from one of the most FEST-ive journalists around, one who’s not only cultivated a genuine interest and expertise in ethical brands and what they mean for the fashion industry’s future, but a woman who has also gone out of her way to bring coverage of these brands into the day-to-day at a well-known national digital fashion news site.

Meet this week’s guest, Whitney Bauck, Assistant Editor at Fashionista.com.

Listen in on my conversation with Whitney to learn how – and why – she came to journalism and eventually ended up at Fashionista.com after seeing her work appear in publications such as Vogue and the New York Times. Hear how she connects her own personal faith to coverage of an industry that’s more likely to be associated with exclusion and elitism than spirituality and ethical values. And of course, because I know you’d kill me if I didn’t ask, hear how she likes to be pitched and her advice for FEST brands who want to build solid relationships with journalists, bloggers and members of the media.

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