111: Dia&Co’s Nadia Boujarwah on Building the StitchFix for Plus-Size Shoppers + Persevering Even When Others Just Don’t Get It

Ethics in fashion is about more than how clothing is made. It’s also about who it’s made for. I’ve always thought the disparity in clothing options for women outside of the 4-12 size range was ridiculous – an injustice even. It’s both economically baffling considering the average size of women today, as well as head-numbingly disappointing to watch fashion brand after fashion brand bypass a customer population based on outdated aesthetic perspectives – and all too often using manufacturing challenges and lack of interest from plus-size customers as an excuse. Today’s guest is proving that women over size 12 will eagerly embrace on point style made with them in mind.

Meet this week’s guest, Nadia Boujarwah, CEO of Dia&Co.

Listen in on my conversation with Nadia to hear how she was initially rejected by investors – for nearly a year – only to raise $20M last fall. Today she and her team are growing what is often called the StitchFix for plus-size women and bringing a new, body positive shopping alternative to a customer population that has been overlooked by the apparel industry for far too long.

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