109: Building Great Consumer Brands & the Power of Non-Conformists with Rebecca Kaden of Maveron

With Silicon Valley awash in troubling news about the treatment of female entrepreneurs by powerful venture capitalists and investors, I can’t imagine a better guest to have on the Spirit of 608 podcast this week than the one we have lined up for you. She’s a leading investor in consumer-facing startups who’s made a name for herself by betting big on brands doing things differently.

Meet this week’s guest, Rebecca Kaden, General Partner at Maveron.

Not only is Rebecca working with some of the most interesting and fast-growing consumer brands out there today (Allbirds, Darby Smart and Everlane, to name a few), but she also brings a perspective on entrepreneurship – and what makes a great entrepreneur – that few others could deliver.

Listen in for Rebecca’s take on building great consumer brands, why she invests in people over companies, what she looks for before funding entrepreneurs, why non-conformists might very well be the most likely people to change the world and whether mission-driven brands should emphasize that aspect of what they do in their initial conversations and pitches to venture firms.

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