104: How USA-Made Ethical Fashion Really Happens with Industry Vet Kathryn Hilderbrand of Good Apparel + Good Clothing Company

Has conflicting information about made in the USA apparel left your head spinning? There are so many varied opinions and arguments for and against the true feasibility of domestic apparel production and what it means for emerging brands that I knew it was time to bring on an expert who’s not only helping apparel companies produce ethically and sustainably in Massachusetts, but is also building a fashion forward brand of her own.

Meet this week’s guest, Kathryn Hilderbrand, President & CEO of Good Apparel and Good Clothing Company.

On this week’s show, Kathryn and I talk about her journey from her early days learning the industry under an Italian master tailor to today, when she’s running an apparel production company with two facilities and also winning fans with an in-house apparel brand whose aesthetic is one part crisp Cape Cod resort wear mixed with a healthy dose of downtown cool girl edge.

Listen in to hear Kathryn walk us through the realities of domestic production, what fashion brands should know before approaching a manufacturing partner and why right now is the perfect season in Kathryn’s life to grow not one but two companies in the ethical fashion space.

Plus, listen to the show to hear Kathryn’s badass morning routine and how she’s channeling her anger over the fashion industry status quo into businesses that do things differently.


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