103: Legal Basics Every FEST Founder Needs to Know Now with Attorney Maria Spear Ollis, Founder of Spear IP

Laws of fashion? So not on our radar. But legal basics for FEST founders? Gimme a seat at that table. In the latest Knowledge Drop episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast, we get the rundown on the legal concerns every FEST founder should know about as she’s building her business from an intellectual property attorney located in one of the most creative towns in the U.S.A.

Meet this week’s guest, Maria Spear Ollis, Attorney & Founder of Spear IP.

On this week’s show, I talk to Maria about her journey into entertainment law and her decision to branch out and start her own Nashville-based firm focused on creative entrepreneurs in fashion, hospitality and events. From her vantage point in Nashville (which is home to more independent fashion brands than any U.S. city outside of New York and Los Angeles), Maria regularly works with companies to help them protect their content and build solid contractual relationships with partners and contractors.

Listen in to hear Maria walk us through key legal questions creative entrepreneurs should ask in their companies’ earliest days, how copyright and trademark can and do affect fashion brands, to what extent your designs are protectable by the law and the surprising limits you need to know when it comes to posting images of celebrities and influencers wearing your clothing and accessories.

Plus, listen to the show to learn how you can get Maria’s fabulous and free Basic Legal Checklist for Fashion Brands – a super useful listener perk she create especially for Spirit of 608 listeners – and a discount on her already affordable downloadable legal templates for creative entrepreneurs.


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