101: Why Ecocult’s Alden Wicker Calls Conscious Consumption a Lie + What Can Really Change Fashion

When a story calling conscious consumerism “a lie” appeared on Quartz earlier this spring, it soon went viral – and not just because of its deep research into the movement’s impact. The other reason it turned heads: the myth-busting article was written by none other than one of ethical fashion’s biggest advocates.

Meet this week’s guest, Alden Wicker, Founder of Ecocult.

On this week’s show, the founder of widely-read eco fashion blog Ecocult lets us in on how she came to run her own successful media business and the myths and misconceptions she’s uncovered during her years of watching and writing about the people, products and brands driving today’s popular conscious consumption movement. Responding to problems she sees in the way both consumers and ethical fashion advocates assess the impact of so-called conscious shopping habits, Alden published an article on Quartz that flat out called the approach a lie, one that paints a rosy picture of conscious consumers creating change through their purchasing decisions, but fails to do much real good.

Listen in to hear Alden discuss her controversial article, her journey building Ecocult into what it is today and the ways she thinks individual people who care about a better future for the fashion industry can participate in the ethical fashion conversation in a way that fosters true long-term change.

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