Talking Chat Bots, AI, Sustainability & the Future of Fashion with Epytom’s Anastasia Sartan & Marianna Milkis-Edwards

Chat bots don’t sound inherently stylish, but today’s guests are betting these conversational marketing tools can use artificial intelligence to change the face of personal styling. If that weren’t interesting enough on its own, learn from the co-founders on this episode of the Spirit of 608 podcast just how sustainability prompted them to begin exploring a tech-enabled way to cut waste from the consumer shopping experience and build a solution for brands at the same time. Plus, hear behind-the-scenes intel on the sometimes not always linear path from just working together to become official co-founders.

Meet this week’s guest, Anastasia Sartan & Marianna Milkis-Edwards, co-founders of Epytom.

What you’ll learn

Remember Cher’s closet from Clueless? That’s the idea that inspired this chat-driven app. Epytom actually advises you what to wear for the day by asking intelligent questions and taking into account details like the local weather and what you’ve worn in images posted on social media. Find out more about – and how an interest in sustainable fashion led founders Marianna and Anastasia to create this high-tech style tool.

How you’ll be inspired

Your ability to ask for help can become your secret super power, says Anastasia. Asking for help can be hard for many entrepreneurs, but these founders say it can make all the difference. Listen and learn how Marianna and Anastasia were able to progress farther, faster by making asking for help part of their regular practice.

What you’ll tell your friends

So there’s this chat bot that can help you figure out what to where every day, and it’s just one example of how artificial intelligence could totally change the fashion industry. Oh and get this, this tool will analyze your social media images and those of influencers you follow to give you better and better fashion feedback and style suggestions over time.

Resource of the week

Meditation. Moments of silence are even more important when you’re busy building a brand. Marianna’s recommendation? Try the Calm app to help in centering her life.

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