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Hey there! Is this you?

You’re building a FEST brand and looking to make serious strides in the first part of 2019.

You want momentum, growth, new connections and major brand amplification.

You’ve been looking for a group of badass business owners who are ready to have real conversations about creating healthy, profitable ethical or high-tech fashion businesses.

You want to be part of a peer network designed to ensure you keep your momentum, set goals, stay accountable and have people to turn to when you’re tackling those tough entrepreneurial problems you can’t ask in a Facebook group.

If that sounds spot on, then keep reading.

How It Works

Small groups

Limited group for real relationships and impact

Goal Setting

Set and meet your business goals for early '18


Structured so you stay on track and get sh*t done


Unlock new relationships with founders who get you

Ready to amplify your business in new, amazing ways?
  • The Program

    • Live group meetings held every other week via Zoom
    • Video and audio recordings of each meeting
    • “Off weeks” = implementation weeks where you get sh*t done
    • Private group hub for group communication (TBD based on participant vote: Facebook, Slack, Voxer, etc.)
    • Establish and share a win, challenge and achievable future goal during each meeting
    • Regular “hot seats” bringing full group focus and feedback to a single participant’s core business goal or challenge
    • Facilitated by Lorraine Sanders, founder of Spirit of 608 and PressDope by Spirit of 608


4 monthly payments of $497

One-time payment of $1,697 (save 15%)

Hey FEST founders,

Two years ago today, I was sitting at what I suspected was the tail end of a successful career as a journalist covering fashion for digital, print and broadcast media. After making the difficult decision to turn down an offer for a job that once would have been my dream gig because it just didn’t feel right anymore, I knew I needed to head in a different direction. And I knew I could do it.

But there was this: As I looked at the road ahead and where I wanted to go, I had this nagging feeling: I should be able to do this alone. It was a point of pride. Okay, maybe I had a chip (cough, brick) on my shoulder. After all, I went to an Ivy League school and went on to earn a masters degree from Stanford, found a column for one of the top newspapers in the country and write for national publications. I told myself: switching gears to start a business should be something I can figure out without help.


And I could have. Anyone can. But I am so endlessly glad that something (I thought it was weakness at the time) prompted me to sign up for my first group program: a weekly meeting with other entrepreneurs in my space where we could really get to know each other’s businesses, find real feedback at pivotal points in our businesses, stay on track through distraction and tough times and learn ridiculous amounts from each other.

If I hadn’t found those programs and invested in my own professional development (a phrase that would have made me cringe a couple of years ago), building an entirely new brand and business would have been infinitely more difficult, costly and time-consuming.

I’m estimating that the coaching and programs I’ve personally invested in have saved me a year or more of time I would have otherwise wasted trying to figure sh*t out on my own.

And I haven’t stopped since. I’m still in that original group and have joined several more at different times in the growth of my business. Each and every time, I benefited immensely from the wisdom, feedback, resources and connection I gained from investing in the professional development I found by being a part of something designed explicitly to keep me on track and push me forward.

I want that same experience for FEST founders who are hellbent on pushing their businesses forward into new, exciting and amazing places this year. More than a mastermind, the Brand Amplification program will keep you on track as you grow and amplify your business in the first part of 2019.

I hope you’ll join me!

Lorraine Sanders


4 monthly payments of $497

One-time payment of $1,697 (save 15%)

Spots are limited. Apply today.


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