Beth Richards Raises the Bar with this Cool Coverup Supporting Women’s Rights

With the recent issues circling the volatile political climate of the new year, celebrities, artists, designers, and professionals in various fields have been finding their own ways of making their voices heard. Known for a beach-ready swimwear collection women are just as likely to don far from the sand and sun, Canadian designer Beth Richards is one of the latest to raise a virtual fist for women’s rights and empowerment.

Bringing back her Censor graphic from 2012’s The Girl With a Rebel Heart collection, the oversized tees are Richards’ response to what feel like frighteningly tumultuous times for women today.

“This project came about in recent weeks after feeling overwhelmed with helplessness. It’s that moment when I feel we cannot let them win, and we must take these feelings and put them into action,” Richards tells Spirit of 608.

Available in black and white, the oversized Censor Tee ($60) makes it plain that its wearer will not be silenced thanks to a thick black bar that’s front and center. With its boxy fit and rollable sleeves, the made-in-Canada top can go it alone or pair up with the elegantly hip suits the designer’s eponymous collection relies on. Even better than its minimalist design and cover up status is this: 100 percent of the profits from the Censor Tee will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the Gloria Steinem Foundation.

As a fashion business podcast hellbent on spotlighting female entrepreneurs helping to transform fashion into a better global citizen, we had to pipe up about Richards’ latest new arrival. Count us among the happily uncensored.

Photo credits: Beth Richards



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