99: How Fashion Revolution’s Orsola de Castro Created the Movement that’s Changing Fashion & Why Entrepreneurship Matters

With days to go before Fashion Revolution Week, who better to spotlight on the Spirit of 608 podcast than a fashion industry veteran who co-founded the now-global movement after the Rana Plaza disaster left 1,138 dead and more than 2,500 injured in a devastating garment industry building collapse that took place in Dhaka, Bangladesh on April 24, 2013.

Meet this week’s guest, Orsola de Castro, Founder & Creative Director of Fashion Revolution.

Now in its fourth year, Fashion Revolution Week has grown into an international phenomenon raising awareness of fashion industry practices and the need for changes to worker conditions, supply chain transparency and environmental impact from apparel production and disposal. What’s more, there’s still time to get involved.

On that note, learn more about why you absolutely should and how you can jump into this groundbreaking movement when you listen to this week’s conversation about Orsola’s path to creating a a global event that has not only put pressure on the fashion industry to change its ways, but also encouraged fashion fans around the world to ask #whomademyclothes on social media and during thousands of gatherings taking place online and in-real-life April 24-30 during Fashion Revolution Week. And this will make any FEST founder listening positively giddy: Orsola thinks entrepreneurs building new fashion brands today are key to creating the change that so many of us want to see – and know is possible.

Along with all that good stuff, you’ll also hear about Orsola’s journey from launching an upcycled fashion line in the mid-nineties (before upcycling was a cool-kid thing to do) and bringing ethical fashion to British Fashion Week to pressing pause on her design career to teach in the prestigious fashion program at Central Saint Martins and focus on Fashion Revolution.


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