73: From Corporate Success to Founding Nigeria’s Most Fashionable Startup with Dressmeoutlet.com’s Olatorera Oniru


For evidence that technology and entrepreneurial spirit can – and will – change fashion’s role in the world, there are few people with as much to say on the subject as this week’s guest. A former executive who rose in the ranks at more than one Fortune 500 company, this female startup founder has been called the woman behind the Amazon.com of Africa. And while that’s intriguing in and of itself, even more attention-grabbing is what the success of her company could mean in her native Nigeria, a place where the majority of the population still lives in poverty.

Meet Olatorera Oniru, today’s podcast guest and the founder of online marketplace Dressmeoutlet.com.

As you’ll hear during our conversation, Olatorera is not your average founder: she’s traveled the world, achieved corporate success and could have pursued any number of jobs within major international companies. Instead, she was drawn to a different path, and it’s led her to the helm of an ecommerce company that not only goes to great lengths to find and sell apparel and accessories by high-quality African designers, but also works with them to help them build their businesses along the way.

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Last but not least, learn what Olatorera thinks about comfort zones and her top online educational resource for emerging entrepreneurs.


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Meet The Nigerian Woman Who Is Building The Fashion Amazon Of Africa


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