55: Stowaway’s Chelsa Crowley & Julie Fredrickson on Building Big Change in Beauty with Smaller, More Sustainable Products (+Size Matters & Opposites Attract)

EP-55-ChelsaCrowleyandJulieFredrickson-StowawayCosmetics-SquareTwo questions: Does size matter? And when was the last time you actually finished a mother-lovin’ tube of lipstick? Answers, if this episode has anything to say about it (and it so does): yes ma’am and never. Today’s show guests Chelsa Crowley and Julie Fredrickson, co-founders of New York-based beauty biz Stowaway Cosmeticshave a whole new approach to beauty focused on delivering shoppers with what they call “right-sized” products made using a transparent list of ingredients, minimal packaging and a built-in incentive to recycle them once you’re done. That’s right, these petite-sized beauty products are manufactured with the thought that you’re actually going to finish them, like, this decade – and that may sound like a small thing, until you start thinking about that disturbing drawer-box-bin-bag that lurks quietly somewhere nearby (don’t lie!) harboring a sketchy treasure trove of dusty, expired makeup. And while I could talk all day about makeup (it’s a glorious thing), Julie and Chelsa are more than just a pair of pretty faces. Not only are they aiming to upend the long-held beauty industry practice of manufacturing larger-than-necessary products for higher margins, they’re co-founders who come at the business of building a business as total opposites – and it just works. And stick around to the end for one of my favorite uses of the f word on a t-shirt thus far.

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Listen to Julie and Chelsa’s journey from very different worlds to starting up in an industry dominated by major, multinational corporations who’ve done things pretty differently for a pretty long time. Hear them talk about how the convergence of beauty, sustainability and tech are driving forces in their startup and glean some pretty badass advice at the same time.


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