54: Mizzen + Main’s Jen Lavelle on Building a Significant Business with a Significant Other, FashTech Menswear & Investing in Experts

EP-54-JenLavalle-Mizzen+Main-SquareIt’s one thing to jump from a stable job into a startup, but it’s another thing entirely to join one your husband is building from the ground up. The reality of growing a significant business with a significant other is not the only thing Mizzen + Main‘s Jen Lavelle brings to today’s show that’s different from what any guest has brought before: along with her candor about her relationship’s place in the now-family business, she’s the first show guest from a menswear brand. I know, I know, what took me so long? Even more exciting than her ties to clothing for guys is, of course, the fact that her Dallas-based company’s apparel has more than meets the eye perks thanks to high-performance fabrics masquerading as daily threads. Add to that some must-hear advice about investing in experts as you grow a company, and we’ve got a show that goes from the personal to the professional and back again.

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Listen to Jen’s journey from comfortable marketing job (that she, by the way, absolutely loved) to startup life with her husband, Kevin, and how they balance being together with building their menswear brand. Wrapped into the conversation is Jen’s advice for navigating what you don’t know by investing in experts, dealing with other people’s assumptions about your work and the benefits of embracing your inner cheapskate.


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