107: LIVE MEDIA STRATEGY SESSION with Dina Chavez of Ethical Fashion Brand SixChel

In today’s episode, you’ll hear another live media strategy session with a FEST founder and PressDope member who needs help building a path to press coverage for her new Austin-based sustainable apparel collection in the midst of her very first crowdfunding campaign. Like many ethical fashion entrepreneurs, she comes to the conversation with an incredible story – one that could bring you to tears – and lots of hustle, but next to no previous media experience.

Meet this week’s guest, Dina Chavez, founder of SixChel.

On this week’s show, Dina and I dive into the story behind her brand – which has ties to a family tragedy that makes her current mission all the more moving. But is that very personal part of her life something that she should lean on when she talks to the media? How can she be real about that part of her story without turning it into something that feels like a marketing message? Where do you draw the line? Then we dive into creative ways Dina can set up her web site’s About Us page so it feels authentic to her, but also sends the right message to new customers and fans visiting her ecommerce web site and crowdfunding campaign.

Listen in for real media and DIY PR advice in a conversation with a founder who’s taking daily action now to get more press coverage in the future.

This episode brought to by PressDope, the affordable alternative to traditional PR and media relations made with care for socially-responsible fashion brands by the Spirit of 608.



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